Scouting Sunday #2, May 27, 2012

27 May 2012

Scouting Sunday #2: May 27, 2012

*Click the pictures for the full article, and remember, none of these pictures are mine, they're all the property of the blog/website at the link you get when you click.  I'm merely showcasing their work!*

I am in love love love with this table!  I am so wishing that I had a wood table in my kitchen to give this treatment to.... (might have to start looking at garage sales!)
Hmmm... Wonder what else could get this treatment?

In our house, key lime pie, key lime yogurt, and anything else with that delicious key lime flavor is instantly eaten and enjoyed.  When I found these, I was delighted.  I can't wait to make these and delight my family!


Now this is just too cute.  I think I'm going to make one for each of my girls and do a wall arrangement like she's done here, but in different colors and with a slightly different arrangement.  I'll let you know if I pull it off! :)
After seeing these adorable pendants, I have all sorts of ideas.... like coasters, magnets, window hangings, keychains, and much more.  I think I may have found another christmas present this year!!!

Thank you Martha Stewart.  I think I have found my new idea for storing all the small baby things for scrapbooking!

I love screen printing.  Trouble is, my screen is the size of my living room and I never feel like dragging it out.  Never thought of making my own, smaller screen!  Must try this!


I hope you've enjoyed this weeks segment of Scouting Sunday!!!


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